Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What we're bringing to Paris

As many of you already know, Jasmine's family is in Paris this week on a mission for all of us. They are taking your positive energy and support and they are already turning it into better fire safety regulations for all people in Paris. As we have already said, Jasmine would not accept a world where one's chances of surviving a fire are not equal across the board, but rather dictated by privileges and provisions. With affordable access to innovative technology, there is no excuse to deprive anyone of protection from a fire.
Thanks to Campus Firewatch, we already have 100 smoke detectors with 10-year batteries that we will distribute to students at Sciences Po, Sorbonne, and residents of the Menilmontant neighborhood. We also identified an unfortified building for which we will order the appropriate expandable fire escapes with the help of your donations. Building-by-building, we will ensure that all people have access to a safe escape from fires.
On a final note, we have not forgotten all of you who have offered your relentless support and interest in helping further with this organization. As soon as we have our website finalized, we will have all of the information on how you can spread JUSTICE's mission to your schools and communities.

Til then, here's one of my favorites:

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