Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Trip to Paris-Part Three

“Happiness is always a by-product.
It is probably a matter of temperament
And for anything I know it may
Be granular. But it is not something
That can be demanded from life,
And if you are not happy, you had
Better stop worrying about it and
See what treasures you can pluck
From your own brunt of unhappiness”.
-Robertson Davis

The J.U.S.T.I.C.E. movement that started only a few days after Jasmine’s untimely death was the only way our family and friends and all Jasmine’s friends and their families could constructively deal with the sadness, pain and unhappiness that we all feel. And because of the deep, dark sadness we all feel, a masterpiece of love was created, bright as sun, as our offering to Jasmine’s incomplete cycle of life. I look at this movement as an art. This movement to me sounds as soothing as any of the Chopin’s sonatas and as masterful as any of the Michael Angelo’s paintings. This foundation is a memorial to Jasmine and each and every one of you are invited to join in and by helping others, heal and shield yourself from injustices around the world.

People often ask how you could accomplish so much in such short period of your stay in Paris. What no one knows is that legislative changes is France are happening because of likes, Megan Clement in Berkeley, California, who started the letter writing campaign and thousands of followers who sent letters to mayor’s office. That without the help of Zoe and her parents, Sarah and her parents, Tavakoli ,his family and his powerful website and hundreds of Jasmine’s friends and their parents who started, funded and supported such impressive foundation, we could not be taken sincerely in our high level meetings in Paris. That without the unconditional and spiritual and undivided support and loves of our families and friends, we would not have the energy or desire to survive this tragedy. The word “thank you” is meaningless compared to what each and every one of you has done for us, but I hope that the satisfaction you get to know that the Justice is being served gives you the positive power of the healing and leaves Jasmine in Peace, smiling back at us.

WONDERFUL NEWS-On our last day in Paris, we were informed that the following Scholarships have been established as “The Jasmine Jahanshahi Scholarship Award”:

1) University of California Study Aboard Program-Two scholarship awards in the amount of $2500.00 each will be made available yearly, starting in the 2011-12 academic year to students who have been accepted to a semester or yearlong immersion program of the UCEAP.

2) Berkeley Program for Study Aboard-Two scholarships in the amount of $2500.00 each will be available for the spring 2012 program to students of University of California, Berkeley, accepted to Berkeley Program for study aboard program.

3) More scholorships are being considered by Sceinces Po. We are also very thankful to the president of Sciences Po to have accepted to link our website to Sceinces Po main website.

“To truly understand a country-its social tensions, linguistic subtleties, culture, one must have a firsthand account; one must spend a significant amount of time in that country.”
-Jasmine Jahanshahi

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  1. That is truly great news about the scholarships. Another great impact Jasmine will have on making the world a better place. There's no stopping her! :)