Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Jasmine My Dream Girl

Being an engineer, I was never any communicator to speak of; most of my writing have been brief and utilitarian.

However in this tragic juncture I must seek every avenue and employ every tool to help me bear some of this indescribable suffering and pain. Jasmine’s sudden departure from my physical life has left me in a tortuous unchartered water. She is my dream come through. Jasmine is my editor, critic, and advisor. She is alway illuminating and untangling my understanding of social, economic and religions differences with her passionate lengthy discussions with me. I am always looking forward to be challenged by a young intellect, who is free of any religious and or nationalistic baggage and bias. I will greatly miss her. I want to thank all jasmine’s friends and my family allover the world in advance for participating in this Blog. The only way I could keep my aspiration to survive is to convert my anger to a positive energy by concentrating on promotion of Jasmine’s none for profit Fire Safety Foundation, and keep her legacy alive by trying to change our planet by saving one life at a time.


  1. Mr. Jahanshahi :

    Perhaps in some near future you and your beloved wife can meet other parents that have lost their kids in this physical world. I know a mother who has lost two ...I will spiritually pass you my strenght to live through this strange time of your life . Many questions , I'm sure of !
    I must advice you that time will not heal BUT time will change many things and perhaps time will bring some discoveries in regards to this mysterious life..we are living!

  2. Dear Banafsheh,
    Thank you for taking time to care and give me such valuable advice. I will make sure to seek those human beings who are in pain Just like me.