Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day In The Park

Today was Memorial Day, a day to remember the loved ones who left our world, and for that reason, I went to the Memorial Park to visit with Jasmine. My heart was very heavy as I approached the entrance to the park, but I suddenly found myself smiling as I saw the scene ahead of me. It was only 8:30AM, but the park was already buzzing with a crowd. There were flags waving in the cool morning breeze, and colorful flowers at all the grave stones. In anticipation of the Memorial Day ceremony, a large tent was raised in middle of the park and there was beautiful Jazz music playing through the loud speakers. Wise men and women with white hair came in, parked their cars, paid respect to their loved ones and then quietly walked hand in hand towards the tent. The park was blissful, tranquil and restful, a place to stroll for an hour and wonder about the meaning of life and death and to listen to the whispers of the residents of the park...

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  1. A soldier sacrifices her life to save others leaving her love ones heart broken,grieving , yet proud. Isn't this what Jasmine did? She'll always be remembered.