Friday, June 24, 2011

New Carbon Monoxide Law in Oregon

House Bill 3450 applies only to residential rental units that contain carbon monoxide sources or are situated within structures that contain one or more sources of the poisonous gas. Landlords, by law, are required to provide tenants with carbon monoxide alarms, testing instructions and batteries. Solely Battery-Powered and Plug-in with Battery Backup carbon monoxide alarm units are the allowable units. Alarms must be located either in each bedroom or with 15 feet of sleeping areas within the dwelling and on every floor.

In April 2011, the law will go on to prohibit the transfer of title of a single-family dwelling or multi-family housing that has a CO source unless such dwelling/housing is equipped with a CO detector; and prohibits issuing certificates of occupancy for dwellings or housing having CO sources unless equipped with CO detector.

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